I’m building a shrine.   was commissioned and presented by The Chocolate Factory Theater in May 2013. It was created by   Natalie Green   and performed by   Alexandra Albrecht  ,   Stacy Grossfield  , and   Miriam Wolf  . Sound by   Tei Blow  . Lighting by   Joe Levasseur  . Visual Installation by   Caitlin Kronk.   All photographs by   Maria Baranova  .       I'm building a shrine.  is personal and expressionistic. Though grounded by earthly motivations, it is meant to be experienced as a dream.The cycle of devotion, loss, penance, and destruction has risen in my work because it’s in my personal life. I started to feel like all I wanted to do was bury objects in the earth to try to make peace, to let go. I wanted to build a shrine, abstractly and kinetically; to honor, adorn, love and then burn a version of my life. This dance was a way to both build and shed, harness and destroy.I crafted this dance like i might build an altar.. stacking crystalline images on top of dark ones, using expressive textures like vibrating, undulating, circling, and pulsing.     
  This Dark July  concluded my 100 hour Studio Series residency at Dance Theater Workshop and was presented in February of 2010. It was an extravagant DIY experiment that left me thirsty to create more of my own work. The choreography, sound, lighting and costumes were all created by me with my fabulous performers  Anna Carapetyan ,  Stacy Grossfield , and  Miriam Wolf . Photos by  Terry Girard .
   Future Future: Chapter One: MARS   premiered February 9th, 2015 at Roulette in Brooklyn, NY. More chapters to come.