Future Future: Chapter One: MARS -- Roulette, May 9th, 2015

Bar Dance for Three -- Qtrain at Sycamore Bar, August 2015

I’m building a shrine .-- The Chocolate Factory Theater, May 29-Jun 1, 2013

nerves like tombs, nerves like nettles -- Dance Theater Workshop (shared evening with Juliana May), Feb 1-5, 2011

This Dark July -- Studio Series at Dance Theater Workshop, Feb 19-20, 2010

Part of July -- Catch, Bushwick Star

Almanac of Cants -- Danspace Project’s “Food for Thought”, 2007

Record Time -- Brooklyn Arts Exchange Space Grant Showcase, 2006

Record Time (Part 1) -- Movement Research at the Judson Church “About Town”, 2006

Suspicious of Anything Unattended -- Merce Cunningham Studios, 2004



The Goodbye Studies by Tere O'Connor -- The Kitchen, Dec 2015

There Might Be Others by Rebecca Lazier -- Malta Festival in Poznan, Poland, June 2015

g-h-o-s-t-c-r-o-w-n (working title) by RoseAnne Spradlin -- New York Live Arts, Sept 2014

Bleed by Tere O’Connor -- BAM Fisher, Dec 2013

Poem by Tere O’Connor -- New York Live Arts, November 2012

Counterfeit Scenario by Levi Gonzalez -- The Kitchen, Feb 2012

Forever and a Day by Anna Sperber -- The Kitchen, Oct 2011

Beginning of Something by RoseAnne Spradlin -- The Chocolate Factory, May 2011/ Remount at New York Live Arts, Sept 2012

Blue Liz the Sequel by RoseAnne Spradlin -- Riverside Park, Sept 2010

Naomi by Anna Sperber -- Brazil, Sept 2010

Blue Liz by RoseAnne Spradlin -- The Kitchen, Oct 2008

Anna, Ikea, and I by Juliette Mapp -- Danspace Project, Feb 2008

Human Content Pile by Daniel Linehan -- Dance and Process at the Kitchen, 2006

One by Juliette Mapp -- Danspace, Apr 2005


Grants/ Residences:

Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant 2011

2009-2010 Studio Series residency at Dance Theater Workshop

2006 Brooklyn Arts Exchange Space Grant recipient